The focus of development is to be quick, versatile, and lean. We start with the most basic version of a mechanic and the tech needed to support it and get that working well. Then we refine it in real-world community testing until it meets our standards while avoiding unnecessary complexity and keeping the design easy to understand and observe.

1. Create Basic Mechanics

2. Refine with Community
x Times

iterate with community 1
iterate with community 2
iterate with community 3

3. Final Refinement


Hunternet is in active development, details are subject to change based on game design constraints and community feedback.

Single universe

A single universe for all players, one instance per location, no multiple or parallel universes.

Travel Mechanics

Instantaneous jumps with fuel costs and post jump cooldowns. Multiple ways to access jump capability. Significant travel logistics.

Mine > Build > Deploy loop

Iron ore for building and Uranium ore for fueling. Everything has a resource cost. Build and repair starfighters, their weapon and equipment, capital ships, torpedoes, turrets, and more.

Safety and Danger

No safe zones. Friendly fire and crash damage are on everywhere. Risk management is your responsibility. Sets clear expectations.

Org gameplay

Org controlled locations, resources, starfighters, capital ships, and stations.


Alien Faction

The Alien faction is the third and most powerful of the military factions. It is a mysterious invader and a threat to humanity as a whole. Its incursions can lead to unexpected cooperation and opportunities born from chaos.

Wargames & Races

Instanced games that have no direct impact on the open world. Perfect for quick play sessions, racing, organized competitive play, practice, and private matches with friends.